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Jean Peccoud - Abell Chair in Synthetic Biology


Jean Peccoud, the newly appointed Abell Chair in Synthetic Biology and newest faculty member in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is featured in the CSU publication Source. Read the entire article here.


IMFlash supports ChemE Car


February 26, 2016. IMFlash presents a check for $500 to the department’s award winning ChemE Car Team


q-bio Summer School 2016

The q-bio Summer School (qbss) will be hosted at CSU July 11-23rd, 2016. The 2016 qbSS in Fort Collins will include a much greater emphasis on, and allotment of time for, course projects. Visit the q-bio summer school website here for more information


New Grant for Snow Group

The Snow group has secured a new grant from the Biomaterials Program in the Division of Materials Research in the National Science Foundation. The general goal is to design new materials by encoding the assembly of building block proteins. This award is cofunded by US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center. The intended crystalline biomaterials are so precisely organized that they will diffract X-rays, allowing high-resolution determination of the molecular structure details. While there are many possible applications for such materials, the research will focus on (1) determining the extent to which the position of constituent building blocks can be programmed, and (2) assessing applications for the protein crystal pore network. Specifically, the project will produce and characterize close-packed hexagonal arrays of nanowires that may form useful ultra-high surface area materials for catalysis or battery applications. Porous protein crystals may also offer advantages as multifunctional delivery materials, combining high capacity with the possibility of extensive nanostructure control.



NSF Grant for Chris Snow

A recent National Science Foundation (NSF) award made to Colorado State University with an intended total amount of $350,000.00. This project, entitled "Highly Parallel Synthesis of Nanostructures Inside Crystalline Protein Scaffolds," is under the direction of Christopher Snow. The award is effective Sep. 01, 2014.
This is a 3-year CMMI Nanomanufacturing grant, a collaboration with Chris Ackerson in the department of Chemistry. A grand challenge in nanomaterials manufacturing is the reliable, scalable, and reproducible production of metallic nanostructures. Full story here




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To educate future leaders in chemical and biological engineering who effectively combine their broad knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology with their engineering analysis and design skills for the creative solution of problems in chemical and biological technology and for the synthesis of innovative processes and products.



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