Civil & Environmental Engineering Software


by Dr. Pierre Julien
CASC2D solves the equations of conservation of mass, energy and linear momentum to estimate watershed runoff for a given rainfall input. Click here for more information.

TREX: Two-Dimensional Runoff Erosion and Export

by Dr. Pierre Julien
Spatially Distributed Model To Assess Watershed Hydrology, Sediment Transport, and Contaminant Transport and Fate. Click here for more information.


by Dr. John Labadie
Water Rights Planning, Water Resources Management & River Operations Decision Support System. Click here for more information.

Stochastic Analysis Modeling & Simulation (SAMS 2007)

by Dr. Jose Salas
SAMS is a computer software package that deals with the stochastic analysis, modeling, and simulation of hydrologic time series such as annual and monthly streamflows. Click here for more information.

HIRO2 (Hortonian Infiltration and Run-Off/On)

by Dr. Jose Salas
HIRO2 is a spatially distributed rainfall-runoff model for event-based studies of space-time watershed processes. Click here for more information.

AQUARIUS: A Modeling System for River Basin Water Allocation

by Dr. G. Diaz
Aquarius is a state-of-the-art computer model devoted to the temporal and spatial allocation of water among competing uses in a river basin. Click here for more information.