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Distance Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering Specialization

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The Master of Engineering, specializing in Civil Engineering is a Master's degree program focused on enhancing the expertise of working professionals. Engineers who want to further their careers with industrial firms and governmental agencies or those who want to pursue a career in private practice should consider this degree.

The Civil Engineering Department offers two degree tracks through the Distance Degree program:

General Admission Requirements

Although a BS degree in engineering is preferred, students lacking an undergraduate degree in engineering may be admitted by showing completion of the prerequisite course requirements for the Wter Resources area of emphasis, (Water Resources Focus prerequisite courses; or their equivalent, from their college transcripts. Students with missing prerequisites may be conditionally admitted, but the missing prerequisites must be resolved by taking equivalent courses at Colorado State University, or a comparable college/university. These prerequisite courses are in addition to the courses relevant to their selected focus area. Other admission requirements are the same as those for the MS degree in CIVE except GRE and GMAT scores are not required.

Graduation Requirements

  • Student must successfully complete a minimum of 30 total course credits, including a minimum of 15 credits in CIVE courses
  • Appropriate prerequisites for required courses under a selected track must be completed. Prerequisites will be enforced
  • No independent study credits will count toward graduation
  • At least 21 credits must be earned after formal admission to the graduate school
  • At least 24 credits must be earned at Colorado State University
  • At least 24 credits must be from courses of 500 level or above
  • A thesis or project paper is not required
  • Student's program of study must be approved by advisor but a graduate committee is not required
  • A final examination is not required

Water Resources Focus

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CIVE 440(F) Nonpoint Source Pollution Dr. Bhaskar
CIVE 512(S) Irrigation Systems Design Dr. Chavez
CIVE 516(S) Water Control & Measurement Dr. Oad
CIVE 519(F) Irrigation Water Management Dr. Chavez
CIVE 520(F) Physical Hydrology Dr. Ramirez
CIVE 522(S) Engineering Hydrology Dr. Ramirez
CIVE 544(F) Water Resources Planning & Management Dr. Grigg
CIVE 571(S) Pipe System Engineering and Hydraulics Dr. Grigg
CIVE 577(S) GIS in Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. Labadie
CIVE 578(S) Infrastructure Engineering & Management Dr. Grigg
CIVE 645(F) Computer Aided Water Management and Control Dr. Labadie
ENGR 510(F) Engineering Optimization: Methods and Applications Dr. Labadie
ENGR 520(S) Engineering Decision Support & Expert Systems Dr. Labadie

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