Geotechnical Engineering Track

Core Courses:

Required (3 needed)

CIVE 550 Foundation Engineering
CIVE 553 Slope Stability and Retaining Structures
CIVE 655 Advanced Soil Mechanics

Designated Electives:

(choose 4 for at least 12 semester hours)

CIVE 455 Applications in Geotechnical Engineering
CIVE 511Coastal Engineering
CIVE 531 Groundwater Hydrology
CIVE 558 Containment Systems for Waste Disposal
CIVE 559Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
CIVE 560 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
CIVE 562 Fundamentals of Vibrations
CIVE 565 Finite Element Method
CIVE 578Infrastructure and Utility Management
CIVE 631 Solutions to Groundwater Problems
CIVE 638 Groundwater Quality and Contaminant Transport
CIVE 766 Plate, Shell, and Bridge Structures
ENGR 550 Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering

Open Electives:

(3 needed)

Choose from additional courses in designated electives or any course approved by Track Coordinator