Transportation Learning Network

Transportation Learning Network

Transportation Learning Network (TLN) is an internet based two-way interactive telecommunications network in the U.S. Department of Transportation Region 8. The network links together the transportation departments in Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana with the Mountain-Plains Consortium universities, North Dakota State University, Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, and Utah State University. TLN is headquartered at The Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI) at North Dakota Sate University. A schedule of events is listed on the TLN website.

The main purpose of TLN is to increase communication among the network participants. This improvement in communication is used for:

  • Communication among the state DOT's,
  • National Highway Institute and state DOT communications,
  • Improved technology transfer,
  • Research dissemination,
  • Increased state DOT/university communications, and
  • Emergency communications and ad hoc needs

TLN events at CSU are conducted in Room 204 of the Engineering Building.

Courses Over TLN

Graduate level academic courses taught over TLN are available to CSU students. CSU students attend these at the CSU site in Room 204 of the Engineering Building. Spring 2006 courses are yet to be proposed.