Groundwater Environmental Hydrogeology Program

Guiding Principles

  • Advancing pragmatic solutions for soil and groundwater impacted by industrial activities.
  • Advancing sustainable development of groundwater.
  • Enhancing the academic experience of students through collaboration with our partners in government and industry.
  • Viewing solutions for subsurface releases and water supply within the context of net environmental benefit.
  • Taking the steps necessary to conduct state-of-the-science research.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise through collaboration between our sponsor's staff, CSU faculty, and CSU students.
  • Working on problems at a representative scale through low impact studies conducted at field sites.
  • Leveraging our sponsors support with funding from others where appropriate.
  • Focusing on innovative research rather than derivative research.
  • Remaining considerate of interests of all parties.
  • Using sound science and engineering to advance sound policy.
  • Education of the next generation of environmental scientists and engineers.
  • Being among the best in our field
  • Continuous improvement