Groundwater Environmental Hydrogeology Program


Core Faculty members of CSU's Groundwater Engineering Program:

Tom Sale Dr. Tom Sale
Tel: 970-491-8413

Ryan Bailey Dr. Ryan Bailey
Tel: 970-491-5045

Other active faculty supporting groundwater related courses and/or research:

Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Julio Zimbron/ Center for Contaminant Hydrology
  • Dr. Chuck Shackelford/GeoEnviromental Engineering
  • Dr. Tim Gates/ Water Resources
  • Dr. Susan De Long / Environmental Engineering
  • Dr. Luis Garcia / Water Resources
Soil and Crop Science
  • Dr. Thomas Borch / Soil Chemistry
  • Dr. Michael Ronayne / Hydrogeology
  • Dr. William Sanford / Hydrogeology
Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • David Dandy / Contaminant Transport
  • Ken Reardon / Environmental Engineering