Short courses are planned to be offered on Sunday, September 30, 2018 based on interest. Short course proposals are requested on topics relevant to the conference theme. Short course proposals should include the following: (1) title of the course; (2) names, affiliations, and contact information for all course instructors; (3) brief goals and objectives of the course (1 page); (4) expected audience and required background for potential participants in the course; (5) an outline including proposed time schedule and topics to be covered during the course; and (6) any other items required by participants of the course, including those to be supplied by the participants and/or those to be supplied by the course instructors. With respect to (6), if participants will be required to purchase items for the course (e.g., software, textbooks, etc.), then these items should be listed and priced. The number of short courses to be offered will be restricted, and evaluations of short courses will based on the nature and quality of the proposal as well as the timeliness and relevance of the short course topic. In order to receive full consideration, short course proposals must be received by Linda Hinshaw, Friday, March 16, 2018.