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The list below shows the name and brief description of the current computers within each computer lab available for student use in the College of Engineering. Click on the lab name for more detail.

Main Campus (Engineering, Scott Bioengineering, & Glover buildings)

Anderson Computer Lab (Glover 220)
   23 thin clients
   25 Windows workstations

GIS Computer Classroom (Engineering C205)
   34 Windows workstations
   1 computer available at lectern

Internet Café (Engineering A104)
   40 thin clients

Lockheed Martin Magellan Design Studio (Engineering B202)
   42 Windows workstations

Lockheed Martin Titan Studio Classroom (Engineering B203)
   21 thin clients

Lockheed Martin Viking Electronic Classroom (Engineering B205)
   32 thin clients
   1 computer available at lectern

Lockheed Martin Design Studios in the Scott Bioengineering Building
   Atlas Design Studio (Scott 201): 6 thin clients
   Cassini Design Studio (Scott 257): 6 thin clients
   Odyssey Design Studio (Scott 301): 6 thin clients
   Phoenix Design Studio (Scott 357): 6 thin clients

Student Organization Lab (Scott 133)

WMEP Computer Lab (Scott 132)
   6 thin clients

Academic Village

Academic Village Workrooms 1 & 2 (AVB C136, AVB C144)

Lockheed Martin Orion Design Studios (AVB C138)
   22 thin clients

Academic Village C146 Electronic Classroom (AVB C146)
   32 thin clients
   1 computer available at lectern

Academic Village C141 Classroom (AVB C141)
   1 computer available at lectern

Foothills Campus

Engineering Research Center (ERC) Design Studios (ERC A119, B217, A311)
   18 thin clients

Engineering Research Center (ERC) Electronic Classroom (ERC A210)
   20 thin clients
   1 computer available at lectern

Powerhouse Campus

Powerhouse Energy Campus Student Computer Lab
   14 thin clients
   10 workstations

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