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Computing Facilities

ENS manages 20 college computer labs and electronic classrooms (generally referred to as "labs") for student and faculty use within the College of Engineering.

Lost an item in the computer lab? See the lost and found information for details.

Computing in the ENS Labs

In the ENS computer labs, you will find PCs running Windows, thin clients connected to Windows servers, or both. How you log in, access software and perform routine computing tasks is the same no matter which computer you are using. Some differences are mentioned in these pages.

Using Microsoft Windows in the ENS labs

Accessing a Linux or Windows compute server from the ENS labs

List of software available in the ENS labs


Scanners: Use a Scanning Station or a Digital Sender.

Printers: See the Printers page.

Large Format Plotters: See the Plotters page.

Using Projectors, Smart Boards and the Electronic Classroom Smart Lecterns

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