Spring 2012

ECE 658: Internet Engineering

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          Instructor: Prof. Anura Jayasumana, Electrical and Computer Engineering
          Email: Anura.Jayasumana@colostate.edu
          Office Hrs: Open      

Objectives: The field of computer and communication networking continues its exponential growth posing new challenges and opportunities for the networking industry and researchers. Convergence of video/voice/data, Quality of Service provisioning, access technologies (wireless, optical, power-line networks) , mobile networking,   novel high-bandwidth applications, P2P networks and sensor networks are examples of areas of active research and growth.   This course attempts to provide an understanding of the broad landscape of existing and emerging networking and inter-networking technologies.

Outcomes:    Students successfully completing this course will be able to
a)    Use network programming concepts to develop and implement distributed applications and protocols over the Internet, 
b)    Model and evaluate performance of networking systems,
c)    Develop and implement next generation protocols required for emerging applications,
d)    Carry out research and development tasks in  networking
The course would be extremely useful for those who would like to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles and practical aspects of communication and data networks. It will open new career paths in these hot areas for those who want to join industry. Those looking for thesis research topics in  networking will find this course useful as well.

Teaching Assistant: Vidarshana Bandara
          Email: vwb@engr.colostate.edu
          Office Hrs: MTWR 1:00pm-2:00pm, also by appointment

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