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ECE 536: RF Integrated Circuit Design


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Fall 2013 Lecture Notes

Lecture notes for selected lectures below are available as Adobe PDF files.  Please access with Adobe Reader 9.0 or later.  These files are protected by a password which is available only to registered students.   Please email the instructor should you have any questions.


Lecture Topic

Lecture Notes and Handouts

T-8-25  Introduction to RF IC's  1LectureIntroFA13
  Design Flow  2LectureDesignFlow 
  Process Technology for rf Design  2LectureProcessTechNotes
Th-8-27  CMOS Devices and Models  4LectureDevicesandModelsfa15
  MOS Parasitics, High Frequency Behavior  Lecture3and4_s
  Power transfer, rf units  Razavi 2.1
  Impedance Transformation  Razavi 2.5.3
  Matching Networks  
  Passive Components-Inductors  
  Inductor Modeling   
  Resistors and Capacitors  
  System Considerations for Receivers  
  Linear Time-Variance, Non-Linear Effects on rf Design  Razavi 2.2
  CM and IM Effects  
  Common Config, Cascaded Stages  






  LNA Design    
  Two Ports, Input Design  
  Common-Source Configurations  
  Output Load, Design Approach  
  Common-Gate cont.  
  LNA Specs   
  Modulation and Down Conversion    
  Receiver Architecture, Direct Conversion  




   Baseband Amplifiers  
   Active Mixers  


  Mixer Interfaces and Oscillators  

No Lecture


No Lecture - break


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  Course Review   

 No Lecture


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