Spring 2016

ECE456  Computer Networks


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Instructor:    Prof. Anura Jayasumana
      Email:      Anura.Jayasumana@colostate.edu
Office Hrs:    Tu,W 4-5PM 
                       In general, also available for drop-in consultations on MF PM

Lectures:      9:30-10:45 AM Tu, Th   ENGRG B2

Labs:             Open hours
TA:                 Jahnavi Gopavaram
Email:            jahnavi@rams.colostate.edu
Office Hrs:     Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri: 3.30pm - 5.00pm (C207 Engineering Building )



Objectives:  Today’s global information infrastructure consists of various systems and devices interconnected via the Internet. Cellular and wired phone networks as well as TV (cable, dish) networks also play a key roles in providing  access.  Where information resides has become less important compared to ubiquitous and quick availability of information.  The quality of service experienced by a user or an application depends on the underlying network hardware (e.g., links, routers),  protocols (e.g., TCP/IP)  and   characteristics (e.g., network traffic, access times and interference).   Internet is a dynamically evolving systems held together by a set of protocols, in contrast to many other systems (e.g., microprocessors, workstations) that are designed by a close-knit group of designers. ECE 456  introduces  computer and communication networking principles and technologies that make such a complex global information infrastructure possible.   Course will also provide an overview of sensor networking, an emergent technology that has the potential to dramatically change our interaction with physical world the way the Internet changed how we access information.

Outcomes:   Students will know how the Internet works and how it is able to evolve and grow in size, speed and complexity.  They will also understand how different devices ranging from cellphones to supercomputers interact almost seamlessly over the Internet. They will be able to develop network protocols and distributed Internet based applications using basic network programming concepts.

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