FA06 Senior Design Project Groups


Benefits of a Power Factor Correction

Power Factor CorrectionPamela Ackerman
Prof. George Collins


bio_algKevin Degi and Jared Richard
Prof. Tom Chen

Dual Polarization Radar Signal Processing

Joseph Hoatam, Josh Merritt, and Aaron Nielsen
Prof. V Chandrasekar

Electronic Organ

Dawn Dalangin, Matthew Jibson, and Dallin Kuzmich
Prof. William Eads

ERC Nanotechnology

Yu-Ping Shao
Prof. Jorge Rocca

High Frequency Measurement Device

Stephanie Auyoung, Derek Hall, Eric Hall, Joel Stanczyk, and Kevin Todd
Prof. George Collins

Inductively Coupled Plasma in Electrolyte

Robert Allard, Joe Koonce, David Harris, and Daniel Roarty
Prof. George Collins

Laser Power Supply

Joshua Cook
Prof. Jorge Rocca

Microcontrollers With the TI-MSP430

MoralesMiguel Morales
Prof. William Eads

Microwave Water Vapor Radiometer

Partick Kusbel and Elliot Buller
Prof. Steven Reising

MME Soliton Manipulation and Navigation

Michael Kabatek and James Tucker
Prof. Patton

Multilayer Mirrors

Eric Krous
Prof. Carmen Menoni

Reliability of Deep Submicron CMOS

Karena Andersen and Andrew Repasky
Prof. Tom Chen

RFID - Laser Tag

Chandler Bartholomew, Nicholas Diel, Jorge Jordan, Nathaniel Quillen, Thomas Tangelder, and Mack Warren
Prof. Tom  Chen

Sensor Networks: Event Detection and Synchronization

Denney Liptak and Scott Oliver
Profs. Mahmood Azimi and Anura Jayasumana


Short Pulse High Power Laser

Brian Luymes
Prof. Jorge Rocca

Sim Pooch - Canine Medical Acupuncture


Benjamin Cordova
Profs. Sue James and Peter Young

Solar Powered Battery Charger

Douglas Antioco, Andrew Giddings, Scott Johnson, Steve Searcy, Jacob Shelton, and Alexander Wolke
Prof. George Collins

Step Mirror Compensation of Traveling Wavefront Delays

Daniel Reinholz
Prof. Jorge Rocca


Kenneth Darbonne
Prof. Anthony Maciejewski and Carl Kaiser

WAPA System Study

Wind Farm

Waylon Cash, George Keller, Bryan Lake, Ben Pilato, Nicholas San Pietro, and Vahram Stephanyan
Prof. George Collins

Wireless Embedded System Metronome

Brian Campbell, Michael Kabala, Justin Mirarck, and Robert Utrup
Prof. George Collins

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