Engineering Business Office - Business Support Services


Step-by-step process for all purchases:

  • See information below regarding specific purchases.
  • Determine if the purchase (regardless of cost) can be processed through the Kuali Financial System (KFS) by visiting the KSF website or by contacting EBO-Business Support Services.
    • KFS is a catalog based shopping system with hosted vendors requiring only an appropriate CSU fund number for payment.
  • For purchases not obtained through KFS, determine if the PCARD (CSU Mastercard) can be used.
    • The PCARD is for transactions to some vendors for non-recurring purchases up to $3000. (A Purchasing Request Form is not required for PCARD transactions.)
  • Submit the Purchasing Request Form for the following items:
    • Items that cannot be purchased with a PCARD.
    • Regarding items over $5000. These purchase requests will be sent to Purchasing for determination of the most appropriate procurement method to be used.

Guidance for specific purchases using University funds:

Please contact EBO Business Support Services for more information: (970) 491-2498, 491-2468, or 491-2234.


Return all completed forms to EBO Business Support Services. Forms may be dropped off in Room AR202, sent via campus mail using Campus Delivery 1301, or emailed.

For more information about purchasing at CSU visit: